Westworld Season 2 Episode 9

WestworldWestworld Season 2 Episode 9 ‘ Vanishing Point ‘


Director: Stephen Williams

Stars : Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright

Genre: Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi

IMDB Rating: 9.0

Release: 17 June 2018 (Usa)

Westworld Season 2 Episode 9 :- Watch Westworld Season 2 Episode 9 on putlockerwatch.com. Why is there some kind hatred movement against this show. The episode literally didn’t air yet and it’s getting down voted by these people leaving short reviews with one star saying “boring and slow! Makes no sense!”, and people like us wants to bring a balance to the rating to make it reflect the actual quality of the said episode. It’s just so bizarre… This show is top quality filmmaking made by enormous fans of the genre! Sorry if this is out of context of this episode as I have yet to see it, but this needed to be adressed. And it’s not with just Westworld, lots of things get very unfair hatred that affects the actual score of a movie. It really wasn’t like that on Imdb back in 2013… What happened to this website? I saw the episode and was blown away. It was tragic on a next level. Some moments really gutted me. Beautiful writing and cinematography. The MiB’s wife death was all sorts or traumatic to watch. This character is becoming very interesting. Ford’s plan almost seemed like it was trying to make William finally a real person, thru pain and suffering, real pain that actually affects him. He is going thru the same suffering as the hosts are to become awakened. It’s almost as if he was a host à la old man Delos, a clone of himself, trying to break free from his own human darkness. The ending also tore me apart with Teddy. As the shot bangs and Dolores screams in cries and the sound goes missing, you’re left in front of your television, almost scared for the next step in this epic story. Sh*t will definitely go down in The Forge. 9/10. Kiksuya still is the best episode of this entire series altho.


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