Wentworth Prison Season 5 Episode 9

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Wentworth Prison Season 5 Episode 9 ‘ Snakehead ‘


Director: Catherine Millar

Stars : Nicole da Silva, Pamela Rabe, Kate Atkinson

Genre: Drama | Crime

IMDB Rating: 8.8

Release: 30 May 2017 (Usa)

Wentworth Prison Season 5 Episode 9 :- Watch Wentworth Prison Season 5 Episode 9  on putlockerwatch.com. So I’m going to start by saying that weird stuff happens in this show. Like a week ago Franky was busted up and heart-broken over being dumped by Bridget, but now she’s back all happy-chappy planning the BIG DUMB ESCAPE with Allie (henceforth known as the BDE). It’s also been weeks since we’ve heard the name ‘Mike Pennisi’, so it’s kind of good that the little weasel has popped up again, this time in the form of his name on some Islamophobic hate mail received by newbie Iman. Given that she also refused to provide the emails to Franky, and she nicked Franky’s kite talisman, you’d have to think that this is pretty bloody significant in the whole scheme of things. Now Franky just has to firstly twig, then secondly, prove Iman was most likely the one that killed Pennisi.But I’ve started arse-about, as that’s our ending this week. But still – a week ago we ended on Franky jumping Allie for some my-heart-is-broke-rebound-sex, and now Bridget seems all but forgotten. We also ended with Joan, after making a deal with Sonia, telling Jake the Snake they’re back on with the drug importation. But Jake is having to keep a bit of a low profile, with Will right up his jacksie and throwing accusations left, right and centre that he’s the dirty officer. But we’ll get to that too…


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