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ZygoteZygote( 2017)


Director: Neill Blomkamp

Stars : Jose Pablo Cantillo, Dakota Fanning

Genre : Short | Horror | Sci-Fi

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Release: 12 jULY 2016 (USA)

Zygote :- Watch Zygote on,Director/writer Neill Blomkamp did a wonderful job directing this visually appealing and imaginative Sci-Fi/Horror short film. Clearly this type of film is in his wheelhouse having directed the likes of Chappie, Elysium and District 9 – all in my top favorite films of all time.His imagination in the creation of the creature was unusually pleasant and creepy – mission accomplished, although I may have chosen a different sound for the creature other than sounding asthmatic.Dakota Fanning’s character and performance as Barklay was on point and very well executed. However, Jose Pablo Cantillo’s character as Quinn was a little overboard – in the characters dialogue and in his acting.The plot certainly had many holes, the biggest being how everyone died, including soldier Quinn. Yet Barklay, just a young girl with little combat experience managed to take the creature down all on her own with just a handgun, and managed to make it to the protected ‘safe room’ where no one else with access was able to do soSo although the directing, cine

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