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Zama (2017)


Director: : Lucrecia Martel

Stars : Daniel Giménez Cacho, Lola Dueñas, Matheus Nachtergaele

IMDB Rating : 6.9

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 28 sep 2017

. Zama :- Watch . Zama on, I read several good reviews about Zama, including some friends recommended me as an excellent movie, however, I only found imperfections, a boring movie for almost two hours and nothings happens, unlikely what looks like a great production it ends on an amount of resources without taking advantage. Too many mistakes, particularly with the spelling, why the natives do not have any accent? or even “the colonial” does not speak proper, poor conversations, bad timing, many mistakes from art department, fake and poor costume design, the director does not take advantage of the beautiful environment, even the sound is bad… just a few fake birds, in the beginning, the acting of Lola Dueñas was good, the rest of the cast does not shine at all, especially Juan Minujin so sad acting, when he speaks you cant understand what is he saying!For a long time did not saw people leaving the cinema complaining… Such a shame Lucrecia Martel used a masterpiece novel from Antonio Di Benedetto, and made this meaningless and snob movie.

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