Watch XTC This Is Pop (2017) Movie Online Free

XTC This Is PopXTC This Is Pop (2017)


Director: Roger Penny, Charlie Thomas

Stars : Clem Burke, Terry Chambers, Stewart Copeland

IMDB Rating : 7.6

Genre : Music

Release: 7 Oct 2017 (Usa)

XTC This Is Pop :- Watch XTC This Is Pop on,If they had been more consistent XTC could had been up there with Madness as the sound of the 80s with the schoolkids of that era. Both bands were influenced by the Kinks.XTC came out with some quirky songs but they were catchy. Senses working overtime, Making plans for Nigel, Sgt Rock. Then they disappeared. Although they still made albums, were still the darling of the critics, they really did not bother the pop charts much at all.It also did not help that Andy Partridge suffered from stage fright as well as longstanding addiction to Valium.This tries to be an anti-rockumentary, Andy Partridge, now older and balder tells us so. He also bans Rick Wakeman from appearing in it.Despite this it tells a story of a band coming together, hitting the big time, some members falling out, getting ripped off by management as they made little from their live performances and then the decline.It is a must see if you are a XTC fan.

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