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The Wrong NeighborThe Wrong Neighbor ( 2017)


Director: Sam Irvin

Stars : Michael Madsen, Andrea Bogart, Steve Richard Harris

Genre : Thriller

IMDB Rating: 5.6

Release: 2017 (usa)

The Wrong Neighbor :– Watch The Wrong Neighbor on,The LP though uninvited shows up at the restaurant’s opening and just when it looks like an epic chick fight is about to take place, GPNS2 steps in and asks the LP to leave. The LH asks her to step outside and more words are exchanged, with the LP showing the LH the selfies she took with her and the GPNS. The LP leaves and the LH goes back in and accuses the GPNS of sleeping with the LP. He denies it and the LH takes the RT and leaves. The GPNS2 goes off on GPNS and tells him to keep that psycho out of here. +1 Lifetime point for using the term psycho in some dialog. The LP wastes 15 seconds of movie time screaming. That’s some great cinema there.The LH gets some screen time and barters with a client that is starting a security service.The LP follows the RT to school. She follows the RT’s BF as he leaves. Maybe now we’ll get a body count. Success! The LP hits him with her car and then runs him over for good measure. Body count: 1.In therapy, the RT uses the term psycho to describe the LP. At BF’s funeral, the LP is spying on them and the security dude is spying on her. My money is on the LP ganking him. He swipes a bag of the LP’s trash for DNA.The LP shows up at the GPNS’ restaurant and causes a scene as the GPNS2 arrives. He is no doubt a fan of BarneyStinson from How I Met Your Mother and has seen the hot/crazy scale. He asks the GPNS “How come the hottest chicks are the craziest, huh?” Security dude has some info on the LP about a past employer, and just walks into their house. He finds a photo shopped picture and tries to call the LH, but the LP is waiting in his SUV and ganks him through the seat. Called it! Body count: 2.

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