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RevoltThe Wrong Crush ( 2017)

Director: David DeCoteau

Stars : Vivica A. Fox, Ricardo Hoyos, Lesli Kay

Genre : Drama | Thriller

IMDB Rating: 6.0

Release: 2 July 2017 (usa)

The Wrong Crush :- Watch The Wrong Crush on,One day Amelia and her friend Lauren (Natalie Haro) meet a hot new guy on campus, Jake Jarrico (Ricardo Hoyos); Lauren immediately has the hots for him but he’s only interested in cruising Amelia, who begs off on the ground that she already has a boyfriend. Amelia is still being haunted by her guilt feelings over Joy’s death — and she’s also being hounded by Joy’s parents (Jon Briddell and Meredith Thomas), who show up at her track practice and angrily chew her out, saying that they intend to do everything in their power to make her life miserable and keep her from getting the college track scholarship she’s counting on because they blame her for Joy’s death and will never forgive her. It turns out that Joy died because she and Amelia went out one night in Joy’s mother’s car, both drunk and stoned to the proverbial gills, and they made a dare that each would drive at night for 15 minutes without the car’s headlights on. Joy went first and drove the car off the road into a ravine — Amelia, on the passenger’s side, lucked out because her window was open and she was thrown clear, but Joy was killed in the ensuing crash. The plot turns when Jake breaks into the locker of Amelia’s boyfriend Scott (Pedro Correa) and plants a large quantity of steroid pills therein, then calls in a tip to the school, leading to Scott’s suspension and pending charges against him for dealing drugs. Then we get a cut-in scene in which Jake is shown inside an SUV being driven by Joy’s father, and it turns out Jake isn’t a high school student at all, but a 20-year- old private investigator Joy’s father hired to get Amelia in trouble and get her probation revoked.

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