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Wraith (2017)


Director : Michael O. Sajbel

Stars : Jackson Hurst, Ali Hillis, Lance Henriksen

IMDB Rating : 5.8

Genre : Horror | Mystery | Thriller

Release Date : 05 April 2017

Wraith :- Watch . . Wraith on,This movie was supposed to be so scary and all the film festivals loved it. Did they watch a different movie? Scary-NO; Good story-NO; should be listed in the thriller/horror genre-NO!! I don’t even think of it as an action movie, because there’s no action!! The actors had to muddle thru thier characters with no pizzazz, no chemistry, & the teenager’s role was so boring….so sorry, dozed off!! I really recomend that instead of watching this “Wraith” movie, that you watch “The Wraith” movie!After living in an old mansion for almost 10 years a family suddenly discovers a ghost-like presence trying to communicate with them. A super-natural thriller.