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Worlds ApartWorlds Apart (2015)


Director: Christopher Papakaliatis

Stars: J.K. Simmons, Christopher Papakaliatis, Andrea Osvárt

Genre: Drama | Romance

IMDB Rating: 7.6

Release: 17 Dec 2015 (Usa)

Worlds Apart :-Watch Worlds Apart on,A lifeless, pretentious picture that might trick some viewers with its repetitious fake emotional climaxes that, near the end of the movie, when the director clearly became bored of even trying to make the script not seem as ridiculous as it is, seem almost funny. The plot is copied from way better movies such as Magnolia while the script(the message of the movie could be reduced to “people good, politicians bad”)and the acting is insultingly bad (JKS obviously just wanted to go for vacation to Greece after getting his Oscar. He isn’t even trying to act. he is just smiling all the time.) The soundtrack contains many songs that, while individually every one is a pleasure to listen to, are used improperly. The only aspect of the movie that makes this movie somewhat watchable is the camera-work that is quite good at parts.Another useless and “copied” Greek movie from Papakaliatis like “What If” (original movie was Sliding Doors).This time, Papakaliatis steals the idea from Crash (2004) and re- write the script for the modern situations in Greece of 2015-2016.There is no script, no direction, no music, in few worlds a very big nothing.But the most annoying thing in this movie was the bad acting from all the cast… Only Minas Chatzissavas escapes from this tragedyFor me Papakaliatis is a talentless actor and director who uses his name for movies without value because has some fans.I am Greek, but i don’t like contemporary Greek movies, because 99.99% of them are for the tras

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