Watch Witchcraft 14: Angel of Death (2016) Movie Online Free

Witchcraft 14 Angel of DeathWitchcraft 14: Angel of Death ( 2016)


Director: David Palmieri

Stars : Molly Dougherty, Noël VanBrocklin, Berna Roberts

Genre : Horror

IMDB Rating: 3.5

Release: Jan 2017 (usa)

Witchcraft 14: Angel of Death :- Watch Witchcraft 14: Angel of Death on putlockerwatch.comWe are on 14 already with 2 more in the works to follow with the same characters as this one, at least the ones that didn’t die. White warlock Will Spanner (Ryan Cleary) with eye make-up has been in all 14. The film assumes you have seen the other features and know the characters as there is zero introduction. Rose (Molly Dougherty) doesn’t know she is a witch and is very powerful, killing her boyfriend and the woman he is cheating with…something legal in LA (Lower Alabama) but not the other LA, except in this film as investigator Lois Lutz (Berna Roberts) has also been in a few of these films…a better gig than playing a stripper in her other films.I have seen many of the other films in the series without remembering a single one. I watch them because of the large bodacious pentagram on all of the covers. The acting and dialogue was bad. It was like they wanted it to be campy without being too campy. Molly Dougherty lacks facial expressions making Kristen Stewart look like Academy material.

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