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Wish For ChristmasWish For Christmas (2016)


Director: John K.D. Graham

Stars: Joey Lawrence, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Anna Fricks

Genre: Drama | Family

IMDB Rating: 4.0

Release: 01 November 2016 (Usa)

Wish For Christmas :-Watch Wish For Christmas on, Wish For ChristmasA High School student makes a wish that her parents would loose their faith.Hallmark’s first Countdown to Christmas movie, A Wish for Christmas, premieres tonight, October 29, at 8 p.m. Eastern. This will kick off a series of Christmas movies every weekend through January 1. We couldn’t be more excited! Click through the gallery to see the best photos from this first movie, read all about it, and more. Then leave your own comments below and let us and other viewers know what you thought about the movieA WISH FOR CHRISTMAS was okay. I didn’t mind the magical element of the secret Santa giving Sarah a wish that gives her balls for 48 hours only, but I did mind a little that nothing more was done with the premise. Every once in a while, when the camera focused on Sarah, right before she was starting to speak the truth, I was reminded by the Jim Carrey movie LIAR, LIAR, and how A WISH FOR CHRISTMAS could have been a similar movie. But I guess Hallmark isn’t out to make outright Christmas comedy movies, though it would have been a perfect time to do so and bring a little change into the slate of Christmas movies between late October (what the fuck?) and mid-December. The magical premise didn’t bring anything for Sarah as a character though. First of all, I never believed she didn’t have enough courage to begin with (despite the scene during which she couldn’t even open her mouth when Dirk stole Sarah’s idea in the opening of the movie), because for Sarah to have that character flaw, she needed to be more than just the love interest for the guy who needed to learn how to use a little Chris
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