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Win It AllWin It All (2017)


Director: Joe Swanberg

Stars: Jake Johnson, Rony Shemon, Morgan Ng

Genre: Comedy

IMDB Rating: 6.5

Release: 07 April 2017 (Usa)

Win It All:- Watch Win It All on, Drinking Buddies, the first collaboration between director Joe Swanberg and actor Jake Johnson, was one of my favorite films from 2013. In 2015, they worked together again in Digging for Fire, but in that case, the film was boring and disappointing. And now, in 2017, Swanberg and Johnson worked together once more in Win It All, quite an interesting film which evokes honest emotions with a deceptively simple screenplay and excellent performances. Johnson is best known for his work in the sitcom New Girl (one of my favorite series, by the way), but he has gradually become a brilliant actor, maybe limited to the particular “likable loser” niche, but with a big talent to capture the humanity hidden behind the dysfunctions of his characters. In the case of Win It All, said dysfunction is the gambling addiction in every possible way. Then, the unexpected visit of an old “partner” presents a unique opportunity for Johnson’s character, and the rest of the movie portrays his sincere struggle to overcome his vice and create a new life, while making catastrophic decisions which couldn’t only ruin his efforts, but also cost his life. As I previously said, a simple premise, but capable of taking us all over the emotional spectrum in a matter of seconds, without losing the rhythm of the tale and without betraying the nature of the characters. And besides, we also have perfect performances from Joe LoTruglio (best known for his work in Brooklyn Nine Nine, another one of my favorite sitcoms), Keegan Michael-Key, Aislinn Derbez, Nicky Excitement and José Antonio García in supporting roles. On the negative side, I found the ending of Win It All too abrupt, while trying to distract us from the main drama; I don’t want to reveal too much, so I will leave that complaint ambiguous. Nevertheless, Win It All deserves a recommendation as a solid combination of comedy and drama in which things are exactly like they seem… and they are still able to keep us interested. In summary, I’m definitely interested in watching more collaborations between Swanberg and Johnson. Maybe a cinematographic “crossover” of Drinking Buddies and New Girl?

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