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Wild MouseWild Mouse (2017)


Director: Josef Hader

Stars : Josef Hader, Pia Hierzegger, Jörg Hartmann

Genre : Comedy | Crime | Drama

Release: 17 Feb 2017 (Usa)

Wild Mouse :- Watch Wild Mouse on, Wild Mouse” (Wilde Maus) is the film debut of Hader who is well-known in Austria as a cabaret performer. The movie is about Georg, a music critic who is dismissed from his work at a Viennese newspaper and who becomes vindictive towards his former boss Waller.It is a comedy made in Viennese (Wienerisch) dialect which makes it hard to understand even for German people unless they read subtitles.The plot of the film is predictable, the humor only touches upon small problems and the motivation of the characters is not always clear. The actress Pia Hierzegger who played Johanna in the film is not charismatic nor a great actress either. Hader himself plays Georg well, but his character is superficial and not compelling enough.The positive aspects of the film are good choices in music, several cinematically appealing shots featuring rain and snow. Also the Prater amusement park was a good choice of surroundings, it also served as a film location for the 1949 Orson Welles classic “The Third Man”.However in the end we can only say that the film “Wild Mouse” about a “small person” is a small film for a small audience. Nevertheless, the picture is Hader’s first film, and taking this into account that he was the director, screenwriter and actor, we can expect more interesting films from him in the future if he understands the flaws of his directorial debut.

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