Watch Whatever Happened to Mace Windu? (2017) Movie Online Free

Whatever Happened to Mace Windu? (2017)


Director: Chris R. Notarile

Stars : Chris Cecil, Jackson Chapman, Ciprian Cosma

IMDB Rating : 5.6

Genre : Short | Sci-Fi

Release Date : 13 June 2017

 Whatever Happened to Mace Windu? :- Watch . Whatever Happened to Mace Windu? on,What I found most puzzling and interesting was how none of the previous issues have explicitly said the Jedi Council knew Hissrich, the planet Mace has taken his team to, was a valuable source of energy to be obtained in hopes of ending the war faster. Mace doesn’t deny things in issue #3 when fellow Master Prosset Dibs accuses the Council, instead declining to comment because those thoughts shouldn’t even be entertained. If Prosset is right, and the Jedi did know, then his accusations against Mace and the Jedi Order have some merit, as this did end up being a rather sleazy mission, something I felt came too soon in the war for the Jedi as discussed in last issue’s review. If he’s wrong, he’s still sort of right about the Jedi’s part in the war, just not that they are completely corrupted yet. We do get an answer here on who is right, well it sure seems like the definitive answer, but it comes from the most unusual spot: the opening crawl, which points out the Jedi knew about Hissrich’s value when it says, “But when Prosset Dibs discovers that the Jedi Council knew about the valuable energy source…” To put this important info in the crawl, away from the meat of the story, and not to be actively discussed by the characters beyond Prosset’s accusations seems like an odd move. It would’ve been more impactful if Mace owned up to it here while deflecting Prosset’s attack or even in the final issue, either revealing the truth to Prosset after they return to the Jedi Temple or Mace discussing how bad he feels for keeping that secret to Kit Fitso or whomever. In fact these moments still have the potential to happen, which makes this move even more puzzling, as even saying, “…Dibs believes he discovers that…” would keep the point open and allow what is a big moment for the characters to still ring through the characters. For those who read this in the trade paperback format, they won’t even get this crawl to reveal this info, so I’ll be curious to see how issue #5 addresses things..

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