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West of Hell West of Hell (2018)


Director : Michael Steves

Stars : Tony Todd, Michael Eklund, Lance Henriksen

IMDB Rating : 6.0

Genre : Fantasy | Horror | Western

Release Date : 2018

West of Hell :- Watch West of Hell on, I must admit that I had somewhat more of an anticipation for the movie, given the fact that it has both Tony Todd and Michael Eklund on the cast list. And the fact that it is a horror movie wrapped up in a western attire, just made it all seem all the more interesting.But alas, that was not to be. I managed to endure 45 minutes of the ordeal that is known as “West of Hell” before I gave up out of utter hopelessness and boredom. Actually, the movie had drained all energy away from me and I was starting to fall asleep as well. Yep, the movie was that boring.Nothing of any worth or interest happened in the movie. The characters were one-dimensional cardboard cutouts with an equal amount of personality as a mosquito. And that made it a complete snoozefest to sit through and be tormented by watching.Not even Tony Todd or Michael Eklund could do anything to lift up the abysmal display of pointlessness that transpired on the screen.I have no intention of returning to watch the rest of the movie, because there was nothing, and I do mean that literally, to keep me interested, not in the story, not in the characters, not in whatever plot was unfolding with the shapeshifter.

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