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WarningThis Drug May Kill YouWarning This Drug May Kill You ( 2017)


Director: Perri Peltz

Stars: N/A

Genre: Documentary

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Release: 01 May 2017 (Usa)

Warning This Drug May Kill You :- Watch Warning This Drug May Kill You on,This HBO documentary is an OK introduction to opioid addiction as it exists in 2017. It’s only an hour long and features a handful of families sharing their stories of addiction. In each case, the opioid addiction started with individuals being prescribed opioids for pain relief, but without needed education, support, and oversight. Individuals were prescribed high doses of multiple medications for too long, and they became addicted and then progressed to heroin when the prescriptions are cut off by the doctor and the (now) addicted person learned that heroin is cheaper than buying pills on the street.I hear this story all the time in my work with people with substance use disorders. It’s like a bad dream that recurs over and over again. But it’s real, and I’m only seeing a drop in a larger ocean of pain.I do wish HBO had gone ahead and made a 2-hour film (at least) with more in-depth information, including how the drug works in the brain/body of the addicted person, why one person becomes addicted and another doesn’t, what kinds of treatment are most effective in supporting long-term recovery, the ways for families and other loved ones to support people in addiction and recovery, and the kinds of policies and programs needed to reduce the incidence of addiction and to help those who are addicted, etc. (I know HBO touched more on these matters in their 2007 Addiction movie, but that was 10 years ago.) It seems unfortunate to me that the movie introduced the problem with so little to say about what can be done to address it. Especially at a time when the current Republican government seems hell-bent on cutting insurance coverage for addiction treatment!

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