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The War ShowThe War Show ( 2016)


Director: : Andreas Dalsgaard, Andreas Dalsgaard

Stars : Oqba Bouzian

Genre : Documentary | Drama | War

IMDB Rating: 7.3

Release: 3 July 2017 (Usa)

The War Show :- Watch The War Show on, If you have been following the Syrian civil war in the news for the past five years, the movie does not add anything to what you already know.Most of the movie is footage from the protagonists camera, consisting primarily of pictures of the ground and people telling her not to film.The group of people, which we are supposedly following, are all vaguely introduced and you do not get an impression of their character before a picture of them is shown and the voice-over tells you they are dead.In general there is nothing that justifies this being a movie. Obaidahs story could be written in a one page article and the video gives only a shallow impression of what is happening during the period.The message of the movie is that Syrians are people with the same desires as everyone else. However that should not surprise anyone. What did surprise me however is that someone managed to make such a bland documentary about the most complex war in contemporary history.

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