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The Walking Dead Seaon 6 Episode 4The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 4


Director: Stephen Williams

Stars: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan

Genre: Drama | Horror | Thriller

IMDB Rating: 8.3

Release: 02 November 2015 (Usa)

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 4 “Here’s Not Here ” :- Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 4on,tAfter losing his family, Morgan becomes an uncontrolled killer of walkers and humans. He stumbles upon a goat outside a house and tries to kill the owner. However the man subdues him and puts him in a cell in his living room. The man, Eastman, is a former forensic psychiatrist and tells that all life is precious; then he explains how the principles of Aikido have changed his life. Gradually Morgan calms down and Eastman teaches Aikido to him and tells the story of his life. When Morgan leaves the place, he is a man with a different philosophy of life”Here’s Not Here” is one of, if not the best episode which heavily focuses on developing a character all throughout its runtime. It is memorable, quotable, poignant and explores a whole lot more depth about the world of The Walking Dead, even if it only stars 2 main characters whom we don’t know that much about yet. The episode kicks off with Morgan and his experience with the zombie apocalypse. He’s broken, tormented and lost his way, he wants to clear anyone or anything out of his way and just kill them. But he stumbles upon Eastman’s home and gets locked in a cell wherein Eastman now tries to change Morgan’s way. This episode is quite special and pretty deep even without the usual zombie galore fest or action set pieces. It strives to get a rich atmosphere, showing us elegant shots of nature and rich and well though dialogue to give us more from what the show actually offers. Seeing Morgan and Eastman interact was very intriguing and I was surprised because I thought this episode would end up being a bore-fest. The episode really got us invested into, not only Morgan, but Eastman as well. The episode delivers excellent exposition dialogue and sometimes visual storytelling at it’s finest. Moving on to the technical aspect of this episode, there were some really great shots and cinematography through out this episode which shows the vast and lonely feeling of the world that the show has created.

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