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The WakeThe Wake ( 2017)

Director: Faouzi Brahimi, Bryan Brewer

Stars : Bryan Brewer, Allie Rivera, Darla Delgado

Genre : Horor

IMDB Rating: 4.6

Release: 04 July 2017 (uk)

The Wake :- Watch The Wake on, I hate having to review a film like ‘The Wake’ because I want so badly to like it, but have to be honest and admit that it is highly flawed. It’s obvious that the people behind the camera are new to the industry and have a steep learning curve ahead of them. So some hopefully helpful advise I would give to them on this occasion would be:  Scrap the opening the credit sequence. I suspect it was only put there to pad the run time a little, which would be acceptable if you’d put some effort into it. Instead it may as well have been a black screen with names very slowly cropping up one by one. You certainly don’t want to start your film on such a down-note as that created.Review the dialogue you have written. As you are writing it ask yourself whether in that actual situation anyone would say anything remotely like that. If not, go with something else. A lot of the dialogue in this film was so cringe-worthy it made for a very uncomfortable viewing experience at times.Make sure characters are reacting realistically to things. When there’s a killer with a knife standing two metres away from a group of people, is it likely they would all just stand there calmly discussing their options? Of course not, and watching it happen in a film looks nothing short of ridiculous.

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