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Volley Volley ( 2014)


Director: Martín Piroyansky

Stars : Martín Piroyansky, Violeta Urtizberea, Inés Efron

Genre : Comedy

IMDB Rating: 6.6

Release: Oct 2015 (USA)

Volley :- Watch Volley on,The positives: Excellent cinematography; you get a glimpse at the Delta of the Paraná River, a fascinating region near Buenos Aires not unlike the Louisiana bayous. Direction by Martin Piroyansky is fluid. The negatives: Almost everything else. The characters are built from clichés, have no sense of humor and no perceptible redeeming features, so it’s difficult to feel for any of them. As an actor, Piroyansky becomes tiresome after a few minutes. Some scenes are comically pretentious, like the one with Nessun Dorma as background music. A miss as comedy and drama. Piroyansky should stick to directing and leave acting and scripting to others.

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