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Us and Them (2017)


Director: : Joe Martin

Stars : Jack Roth, Sophie Colquhoun, Tim Bentinck

IMDB Rating : 6.4

Genre : Drama | Crime | Thriller

Release Date : 16 March 2018

Us and Them :- Watch . Us and Them on,DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE REVIEWS KNOCKING THIS WELL THOUGHT OUT Home Invasion. Hidden between many layers reveals a film that poignantly depicts the mindset of those who have and the have nots.. The film is also a dark comedy but plays it well not to disrupt the pacing. Camera angles are also a delight when watching this film, It’s a pretty straight forward movie so I won’t go any further and spoil the film but it’s definitely worth a watch.. Through out the entirety I was engaged , Though there was a scene or two at mid point that didn’t seem to believable because it would of attracted to much attention for them to pull it off. And like I said in the header at the very end the movie kind of morphed into the dark comedy element which was kind of jolting but when you add it all up gives you a great amount of good film thats worth sitting down and setting some time aside for. so I give this a GOOD MOVIE rating..

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