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The Undone (2017)


Director: Christopher Anthony Luciano

Stars : Alana Berthiaume, Justin Jackerson, Louise Giavas

IMDB Rating : 1.5

Genre : Horror

Release Date : 2017

The Undone :- Watch . The Undone on,ome say television is the new film, but Sundance dog Zipper feels like pure boob tube – a bland, basic, conformist network show no one you know watches but still manages to get great ratings. In Zipper, Patrick Wilson is a South Carolina district attorney groomed for a run at an opening congressional seat, but he’s got one key problem: he can’t stop schtupping thousand dollar call girls! And it’s gotten so bad his card gets declined when he tries to make a guilt purchase of expensive sunglasses for his wife. Man, what’s a gorgeous man in a flashy suit to do?!Wilson’s Sam Ellis is cursed with the congenital disease of being handsome. No matter where he goes, the women flock to him, and it’s driving him nuts! That hot intern in the office? She has the audacity to have legs and nice shoes. Sam’s got a wife (Lena Headey) and he lives in a part of the country still shackled by family values (you can hear it in their accents) so you know trouble is brewing. While doing research for a case (really) he learns about the world of elite escort services. Despite lengthy jogs and frequent masturbation, he finally takes the plunge. He’s riddled with guilt, but he’s soon a repeat customer.

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