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Tyrel (2018)


Director : Sebastián Silva

Stars : Christopher Abbott, Trust Arancio, Nicolas Arze

IMDB Rating : 6.4

Genre : Drama | Comedy

Release Date : 5 dec 2018

Tyrel :- Watch Tyrel on Labeled this year’s Get Out, Tyrel faces a high bar to reach. This comparison, no matter how bloated it makes the expectations for this film, is a logical one.A black man named Tyler (Jason Mitchell) attends a birthday party in New York with his friend’s old friends, all of whom are white. He’s uncomfortable, in part, because he’s the one stranger at a party of close friends, a situation familiar to all of us. To add to his unease, the guys hurl microaggressions his way, mishearing his name as Tyrel and later saying to him, “you must really hate Trump.”To cope with his discomfort, Tyler spends time with the homeowner’s dog, pretends to fall asleep early and constantly stares at his phone. One detail reminiscent of Get Out is the lack of full function of his phone. In that movie, Chris’s phone runs out of battery. In this one, Tyler’s phone doesn’t have call service in the house. In each instance, this reduces our protagonist’s contact with the outside world, furthering his discomfort.


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