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Twin Betrayal (2018)


Director: : Nadeem Soumah

Stars : Jen Lilley, Peter Douglas, Jason Olive

IMDB Rating : 6.4

Genre : Thriller

Release Date : 2018

Twin Betrayal :- Watch . Twin Betrayal on, en Lilley stars in the upcoming Lifetime drama, Twin Betrayal, which premieres on Sunday, April 8. Lilley juggles two characters: One, a struggling single mother battling for custody of her family, and the other, her ambitious and morally questionable twin sister. The vicious twin murders their wealthy father and then frames her innocent sister for the murder. It sounds like a Lifetime drama, alright, but has this ever happened in real life? Is Lifetime’s Twin Betrayal a true story?Not exactly, but that doesn’t mean that twin-related murders and set-ups haven’t been a common occurrence for as long as crime itself. Growing out of the same egg and same sperm makes the DNA of identical twins nearly impossible to tell apart, which means it’s tough for scientists and the law to determine with any real certainty which twin was actually present at the scene of a crime.In a 2016 article for the Chicago Tribune, reporter Steve Schmadeke described one such instance as it unfolded before him on September 23, 2016, and even he couldn’t help but remark that it would make a good m

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