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Treasure HoundsTreasure Hounds ( 2017)


Director: Tim Brown

Stars : Helen Colliander, Jessie Fraser, Ryan James Keating

Genre : Family

IMDB Rating: 6.0

Release: 15 Aug 2017 (Usa)

Treasure Hounds :- Watch Treasure Hounds on,When Grandpa passes away, he leaves his house to Kim and her son Jack. It doesn’t take long for Jack and his talking dog Skipper to discover the clues Grandpops left behind intended to lead Jack to a hidden treasure. But our heroes are not the only ones aware of Grandpa’s gold. Gunther and his henchman Ronnie are tracking the same scent. The stakes are raised when Jack learns his small town could be declared “blighted” at any moment. A potential town-wide evacuation is looming if they don’t find money to repair the underwater pipes. Can Jack, Skipper and their friends save the town in time?“Treasure Hounds” is a delight! Talented actors and a good director in Tim J. Brown liven up this story with bumbling criminals, precocious kids, and physical comedy. Oh, a treasure hunt is part of the plot too, and the suspense builds as Jack, Twyla, Fred and Jennifer attempt to solve Jack’s grandfather’s clues to find the hidden treasure, whatever it is. The vivid and bright autumn colors are a nice background for this film.Jack and his mother have moved to Grandpop’s home after he has passed on. Jack is not keen on the idea, stating he misses his school and his friends. However, soon he becomes acquainted with Fred and Twyla, the next door neighbors, and when he meets Jennifer he thinks she is beautiful. However, a couple of amateur crooks, Gunther and Ronnie, want to find Grandpop’s treasure too. Gunther speaks with a German accent and the tall man, working with the very short Ronnie, are quite a humorous pair. And Jack’s dog Skipper and cat Chauncy make quite a pair too.

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