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Tomb Invader (2018)


Director: : James Thomas

Stars : Gina Vitori, Samantha Bowling, Andrew J Katers

IMDB Rating : 2.5

Genre : Action

Release Date : 09 March 2018

Tomb Invader :- Watch . Tomb Invader on, Archaeologist, Alabama Channing, is recruited by a mysterious billionaire to help find an ancient Chinese relic. The same treasure that her mother was in search of before she went missing. The Following is a line from the film: “If we make a mistake this could kills us” “ok let’s take our time then” this is how great archaeologists talk i guess. This movie has terrible direction, acting and of course a rip-off character of Tomb Raider plus it was made by the infamous Asylum which also made other “hits” like The Terminators, Transmorphers and Atlantic Rim so if anyone liked those films (which i doubt it) might like this one too?.

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