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The Time of Their LivesThe Time of Their Lives ( 2017)


Director: : Roger Goldby

Stars : Joan Collins, Pauline Collins, Franco Nero

Genre : Comedy

IMDB Rating: 5.5

Release: 10 March 2017 (Uk)

The Time of Their Lives :- Watch The Time of Their Lives on,Helen is a narcissistic former film star, who was huge back in the 1960’s, but since then she’s been forgotten, all after she fell apart, and disappeared from the public eye, some years ago. She hasn’t accepted the fact that it’s over for her, even though when we first meet her, she is being taken out for a trip from an old people’s home.Priscilla’s very Mumsie. She is just a likable person. Sadly, her husband treats her like crap, and she is living an albeit comfortable, yet miserable life. She accidentally gets caught up in the old people’s trip, and our story begins.There is also the small, yet memorable part of Alberto, played by Franco Nero. Alberto is an Italian artist who the girls stumble upon, he is kind, and affectionate, and he shows Priscilla just what she might be missing in life.The chemistry between Joan and Pauline Collins is great, they bounce off each other and each and every interaction feel natural, but what else would you expect from two women who have been acting for over 100 years between them?

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