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The Week Of (2018)


Director : Robert Smigel

Stars : Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Steve Buscemi

IMDB Rating : 5.1

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 27 April 2018

. The Week Of :- Watch . The Week Of on, I like almost every Adam Sandler movie. From Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Punch Drunk Love, and even Grown Ups. No doubt his Netflix contract or career is making him push out lack luster films, even though I laughed a few times with his last release with David Spade.However, The Week of is weak. I did not laugh once in 45 minutes. The acting was labored, the storyline is old hat, and you can only get so much humor from an old uncle with no legs.I understood that it was triumphant casting Chris Rock as a heart surgeon, but he wasn’t funny. This is a very disappointing film that is not worth checking out.With Netflix being the obvious option for a quickly funded show, it’s a shame that stereotypical unfunny scripts like this one get to the production phase merely because of who is cast in the leading roles. Prediction: “The Week Of” will be forgotten faster than a David Spade stand-up special.

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