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The Maus (2017)


Director : Yayo Herrero

Stars : August Wittgenstein, Alma Terzic, Ella Jazz

IMDB Rating : 4.3

Genre : Horror | Drama | Fantasy

Release Date : 02 March 2018

. . The Maus :- Watch . . The Maus on, Not a horror film in the scene of pop ups. More like the affects of war on people. If you’re looking for an action packed horror with pop ups and jump scares this isn’t it. Good film could’ve been better if it explained some stuff, which is didn’t do on purpose for the sake of interpretation. The more you think about the film the better it seems to you, if you just watch it you probably won’t enjoy it as much.This movie does open up a lot of room for discussion on what happened in the film. If you are open to a movie about affect of war on people and how it changes/divides them, with a neutral party being involved watch this, but if not I wouldn’t recommend this.

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