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The Man from Earth: HoloceneThe Man from Earth Holocene (2017)


Director: Richard Schenkman

Stars : Michael Dorn, Brittany Curran, Vanessa Williams

IMDB Rating : 6.7

Genre : Drama | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

Release Date : 10 june 2017

The Man from Earth Holocene :- Watch The Man from Earth Holocene on,The man from earth is my favorite movie ever made. It is amazing. I love it for the narrative style yet mind blowing content. This movie made my sci-fi loving imagination explode, in the end I gave it a standing ovation while being in my room in front of a PC.And they made a sequel. And it has nothing to do with the first one, dont expect it to. Yes it is about the same fictional persona, yet the movie style is completely different. Now its a teenage adventure, and, to be honest, I wouldnt even watch it to the end if it wasnt out of respect to the first masterpiece.So give it a shot, but dont expect it to be on the same level. Its different.. and flat.Right from the word where the first one ended 10 years ago , this sequelae starts it’s journey.The original movie released in 2007 was one of my favourite Sci-fi movies of all time. It was an exceptional work of Jeremy Bixby who created the character John Oldman and Richard Schenkman who gave it the stage.And here after 10 year Jeremy Bixby’s Son Emerson Brixby and the same director came out with even a better movie which has surprassed the original one in every aspect .


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