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The Layover (2017)


Director : William H. Macy

Stars : Kate Upton, Alexandra Daddario, Matt Barr

IMDB Rating : 5.1

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 03 Aug 2017

The Layover :- Watch . The Layover on, Two women who have known each other since school find themselves down on their luck. One is impulsive and care-free the other responsible and considered. A spontaneous trip away sees them stranded with a hot guy they are both interested in.This is a pretty well used format, but normally with two guys chasing a pretty girl. With the genders flipped it means the knob gags are switched for boob gags and the girls try to out-flirt each other rather than out- impress each other.Now there is nothing particularly new here and I didn’t find the film hilariously funny.But the two leads are very engaging and have great chemistry. Their relationship is quite subtly handled and I enjoyed their antics. Their quarry fits the bill perfectly and feels worthy of their attention.This isn’t the funniest or slickest comedy out there but I found it a great waste of ninety minutes.

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