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The Face Beneath (2016)


Director : Ratish Nair

Stars : Tyler Bates, Stephanie Bisono, Dustin Bragga

IMDB Rating : 5.1

Genre : Horror

Release Date : 30 April 2016

The Face Beneath :- Watch . . The Face Beneath on,wow! Just previewed The Face Beneath this weekend at the premier at the Spotlight theater in Hartford CT. The movie was riveting! The question that how far would you go to keep your sanity is great! Madu, lead actress, captured the role perfectly. You could feel her pain of what she had to endure from the “bad guy”. Rob, the lead actor also did a great job at believing his absolute evil he displays The Face Beneath, is a movie that makes you think of how you would handle a traumatic experience in your life. Would you loose your sanity, or persevere? I loved that it was shot in CT and most of the actors where from CT. The filming was exceptional and the ending spectacular!….. A must see movie!