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The Donkey KingThe Donkey King (2018)


Director : Aziz Jindani

Stars Sahiba Afzal, Shafaat Ali, Vasay Chaudhry

IMDB Rating : 7.0

Genre : Comedy | Animation | Family

Release Date : 12 Oct 2018

The Donkey King :- Watch The Donkey King on A lion decides that a new king shall take on the reins of Azad Nagar when he retires. When he retires a donkey is chosen as the king of Azad Nagar, but he keeps messing things up.What a cheap stunt from GEO News to promote their Anti Imran Khan and Anti Army agenda via so called animated movie where they miserably failed because It wasn’t even an entertainer.Copied dialogues and scenes from different Bollywood movies in order to cook out a quick movie was all it was. Within few minutes, you would start predicting the story as they would try to build the similar narrative they do in their talk shows.You can’t expect dual meaning dialogues to build cheap comedy from a movie supposed to made for kids. WASTAGE OF TIME


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