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The Demonic Doll (2018)


Director: : Richard Mansfield

Stars : Harold Fox, Jennie Fox, Matthew Hunt

IMDB Rating : 3.3

Genre : Horror

Release Date : 09 Feb 2018

. The Demonic Doll :- Watch . The Demonic Doll on, The horror film franchise family for the film “The Conjuring” (2013) is growing fast. This film “Annabelle: Creation” is already the fourth in the series, and is a prequel of the first “Annabelle” (2014). I actually liked the first film, and it was interesting how it was able to spin off its side characters into their own series. The demon doll Annabelle is just the first one. The demon nun Valak, whom we met in “Conjuring 2” (2016), will have her own solo film as well in 2018.In 1943, doll maker Samuel Mullins made limited edition hand-made dolls. He gave the first one to his daughter Annabelle, who unfortunately did not live too long. Twelve years later, the Mullins decided to open their big house to a group of six orphan girls and their guardian Sister Charlotte. One of the girls, Janice, had a gimp leg because of polio. Her limited mobility and weakness made her an easy target for the demon in Annabelle’s doll who was in search of a human host.Of the girls who played the orphans, two stood out and were given a different room from the other older girls. These were 15-year old Talitha Bateman, who played the crippled Janice, and 11-year old Lulu Wilson, who played Janice’s best friend Linda. Bateman had the challenge of playing a character who could not resist nor fight the demon’s call. Wilson’s scene at the well was scary despite being a variant of old cliches.

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