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The Cured (2018)


Director : David Freyne

Stars : Ellen Page, Sam Keeley, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor

IMDB Rating : 5.9

Genre : Drama | Horror | Sci-Fi

Release Date : 23 Feb 2018

.The Cured :- Watch . . The Cured on, So this film is being touted as an ‘original’ take on the old zombie narrative, but the problem is that this has been done before and better with the superior tv drama ‘In the flesh’.When exploring these themes and ideas it really helps to have the kind of breathing space and ability to take risks that you just don’t get in a 95 minute movie.It’s not a bad film, it’s just annoying that it’s being billed as something it is not. You’d kind of understand if it was a Hollywood take on things, but the writer and director is Irish, meaning that he’ll be well aware of the tv drama content of the British Isles and has decided to basically rip it off shamelessly. This wouldn’t be so bad if he’d improved upon things, but he really hasn’t.