Watch The Boxcar Children – Surprise Island (2018) Movie Online Free

The Boxcar Children – Surprise Island (2018)


Director : Anna Chi, Daniel Chuba

Stars : Dane DeHaan, Joey King, J.K. Simmons

IMDB Rating : 6.0

Genre : Animation

Release Date : 08 MAy 2018

 The Boxcar Children – Surprise Island :- Watch . . The Boxcar Children – Surprise Island on, You don’t even need to watch the movie to know how ATROCIOUS this movie is. The lighting is off all the time, the water is naturally horrendous in this film. All the characters just open their mouths and words just come out, when they don’t have a goal or challenge in this movie so you just sit there and look at these “characters” have “fun”. Off topic for a second, the characters go to the beach multiple times, when they enter the water has no ripple effect and the characters don’t even get wet(or have emotions).



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