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The Blackout ExperimentsThe Blackout Experiments (2016)

Director: Rich Fox

Stars: Andrew Gallagher, Jessica Sowa

Genre: Documentary | Horror

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Release: 22 July 2016 (USA)

The Blackout Experiments :-Watch The Blackout Experiments on,Can traumatizing yourself make you feel good? That’s one question that horror documentary “The Blackout Experiments” asks, but never satisfactorily answers. Director Rich Fox spends much of his film painting a portrait of the emotional haze that thrill-seekers go through before and after participating in Blackout, an aggressive haunted house-type attraction. I’ve never participated in Blackout, but based on “The Blackout Experiments,” I can tell you that it’s an intense, aggressively confrontational and deeply disturbing recreational experience. Participants are physically attacked, tied up, screamed at and sometimes even branded.Still, despite its obvious unpleasantness, Blackout leaves some participants wanting more. Fox is most interested in the people—many who remain nameless. His subjects include Russell, a middle-aged man with no nuclear family to speak of, who has been through the wringer, and now sees the world through hyper-sensitive eyes. There are other characters in the film, and some of them are fairly articulate, but Russell is the most well-developed of Fox’s subjects. He participates in a by-invitation-only survivor’s group, sharing his experiences with fellow Blackout participants. He’s also been through four separate trials in Blackout.

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