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The Bad Seed The Bad Seed (2018)


Director : Rob Lowe

Stars : Mckenna Grace, Rob Lowe, Patty McCormack

IMDB Rating : 5.7

Genre : Drama | Horror | Mystery

Release Date : 9 sep 2018

The Bad Seed :- Watch The Bad Seed on, A Single Parent and the Nanny suspects that their seemingly perfect adolescent daughter is a heartless killer.This thriller/horror is one good one. It does not amount to the original in the 1950s but this one is all by it self. Emma is a girl who knows what she wants and shows the true signs of a psychopath. The creepy music, the acting, and the feeling of always being on your toes help with this movie. The gore is very low and the lack of emotions is very high. I suggest watching the bad seed if you haven’t already done so