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The Ashram (2018)


Director: : Ben Rekhi

Stars : Sam Keeley, Manoel Orfanaki, Hera Hilmar

IMDB Rating : 5.9

Genre : Fantasy | Thriller

Release Date : 2 March 2018

 The Ashram :- Watch . The Ashram on putlockerwatch.comI felt this movie deserves a review. I generally like fantasy movies, from the heavy stuff like LOTR to the lighter fare like Jesus of Nazareth and others.The movie is about a dude who goes to India to find his ex girlfriend who apparently went to India and joined a sect in an attempt to “know herself”. Many girls do that, so nothing surprising here. The dude is quite persistent, so he ends up finding the ashram she joined and he joins it, too. As soon as he joins, he starts investigating the ashram and the disappearance of his ex. He eventually uncovers the truth and it’s quite unexpected, and I mean that in a good way — or a bad way for those hoping this is a horror movie. The movie works because it has a subtle fantasy atmosphere and it blends quite well skepticism with belief. The movie makes the case that miracles do happen all the time, but belief makes us see them. Moreover, miracles are just natural phenomena for which we simply don’t have a convincing scientific explanation.I gave this movie 7 stars because I thought it was quite engaging given there were no car chases and gun battles.

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