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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6


Director: Jeff Davis

Stars: Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden

Genre: Action | Comedy | Drama

IMDB Rating: 8.8

Release: 3 Jan 2017 (Usa)

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6 ”Ghosted ” :- Watch Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 1 on putlockerwatch.comScott, Lydia and Malia search for clues about the Wild Hunt in a mysterious place called Canaan while Liam and Hayden resort to drastic measures in the fight against the Ghost Riders.Lydia has a vision of a town called Canaan in the 1980s, where the residents all disappeared. The gang goes to Canaan and realize that it is a ghost town, as the Riders have taken the entire population. They see a boy who leads them to the house of Lenore, a banshee who is the only remaining resident of Canaan. Lenore takes them prisoner as playmates for the boy, who is the ghost of her dead son Caleb, unconsciously summoned by her to fill the void in her life that was created by the loss of the townspeople. Caleb almost kills Scott and Malia until Lydia is able to convince Lenore to release them. Liam and Hayden devise a plan to fight the Riders. Using Kira’s sword, Liam frees Theo from his purgatory.After being abducted, Stiles finds himself in an abandoned train station with others who were also erased by the Riders. One of those people is Peter Hale, who was abducted after he escaped Eichen House during the power outage caused when the pack rescued Lydia. The two attempt to figure out how to escape. Scott, Lydia, and Malia find the Jeep, realizing it might belong to Stiles. Peter makes it through the magic barrier, but is badly burned as a result, surviving only due to his healing ability. Scott and Malia find Peter, remember him, and realize they had forgotten him too. Stiles uses the train station intercom and is able to contact Scott and Lydia through the radio in his Jeep. He tells them to find “Canaan”, one of the towns listed on the train station’s Arrivals board.

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