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Tank 432Tank 432 (2015)


Director: Nick Gillespie

Stars: Rupert Evans, Steve Garry, Deirdre Mullins

Genre: Horror | Thriller | Action

IMDB Rating: 6.7

Release: 06 Octoer 2015 (Uk)

Tank 432 :-Watch Tank 432 on, When the most prominent words in the PR of a new release are ‘from executive producer Ben Wheatley,’ two key thoughts immediately come to mind: firstly, it’s a shame that writer-director Nick Gillespie doesn’t get full credit for his own work (although he’s hardly the first director to be overshadowed by an exec producer credit; Quentin Tarantino’s name was all over the publicity for Roger Avary’s Killing Zoe, as was Edgar Wright’s on Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block). Secondly, the emphasis on Wheatley, and his most celebrated movies Kill List and High Rise (the latter of which I must admit I haven’t seen yet, if it matters), would seem to imply that this new film will attempt an unconventional blend of genres, with a vaguely abstract, surreal approach which leaves the viewer questioning what they just saw. With this in mind, I suppose it’s fair to say that Tank 432 (originally entitled Belly of the Bulldog) is a Wheatley-esque work – and much like Wheatley’s films, it seems specifically designed to divide opinion.A small army unit is making its way across rural terrain, two hostages in two. Among their number are the anxiety-ridden Reeves (Rupert Evans), the bullish commander Smith (Gordon Kennedy), and Capper (Michael Smiley), who has already sustained a nasty leg injury. Exactly where the soldiers are, and why they’re there isn’t clear – but they’re all very much on edge, constantly on the lookout for an enemy that they know is hot on their trail. Anxious to find safety, they stumble across a seemingly abandoned tank in the middle of a field, and seeing little alternative they squeeze inside. This soon turns out to have been probably an even w
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