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Take Your Pills (2018)


Director: : Alison Klayman

Stars : Eben Britton, Dr. Wendy Brown, Anjan Chatterjee

IMDB Rating : 6.4

Genre : Documentary

Release Date : 16 March 2016

. Take Your Pills :- Watch . Take Your Pills on, This documentary is shameful. Its director found a group of people scattered across the age and socioeconomic spectrum and from that group selected individuals who either never had an ADD diagnosis, lied to get a such a diagnosis or simply illegally abused ADD medication. The film hardly explores the countless individuals who have suffered dramatically from legitimate ADD and use this medication to essentially have the opportunity to live a normal life. This film demonizes this medication as a whole and those who use it, regardless of if they have a valid diagnosis and use it responsibly as directed or not. College students, tech professionals and those in any profession who abuse this drug are deplorable. The football player who “abused” his medication is exactly that, a “drug abuser” and now he writes of his abuse for further personal profit. Yes, the pharmacutical companies, their executives and their boards of directors are completely devoid of ethics and routinely market their drugs to those who don’t need their medications in order to reap substantial financial gain. These companies and the executives who run them, reside on the very bottom rung of the character and integrity ladder (but this is nothing new to us). However, this film’s director and its producers have placed themselves on the very same rung with this shoddy shock and scare film made purely to reap themselves financial gain, just as the drug companies do.For those of you who are severely impacted with ADD or have children who are, I urge you to personally reach out to others who are also affected or have children who are affected with ADD. Speak to as many of them as you possibly can and get your information from those who experience and live everyday with this disorder themselves. Medication isn’t the answer for everyone affected with ADD, there are other options, but ADD medication can literally be a life saver as well. It’s important to be aware that proper dosing is absolutely imperative and that these medications (like many, many medications)

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