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A Surrogate NightmareA Surrogates Nightmare ( 2017)


Director: : Vic Sarin

Stars : Poppy Montgomery, Emily Tennant, Ty Olsson

Genre : Thriller

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Release: 02 Jan 2017 (Usa)

A Surrogates Nightmare :– Watch A Surrogates Nightmare on,When there mother dies, two sisters, the younger married, reunite and soon the older one becomes a surrogate for her married sister who is unable to have children.From the beginning, we see that the mother met with foul play while jogging and our older sister begins to suspect her brother-in-law who has been acting strangely since this all occurreThe older sister played by Poppy Montgomery was estranged from her mother and became a writer and toured the world. In the meantime, she begins a relationship with an old flame who we soon learn is an ex-convictThe details of why he went to prison and who the sisters really are in relationship to one another shall pull you off your seat.Film builds to a crescendo as the shocking secret is revealed in the end. In the meantime, her ex-beau has become a raving lunatic with mayhem pursuing.

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