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Supercon (2018)


Director : Zak Knutson

Stars : Maggie Grace, Clancy Brown, Ryan Kwanten

IMDB Rating : 4.4

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 27 April 2018

Supercon :- Watch . Supercon on, One of those comedies so incessantly and aggressively unfunny that you begin to wonder whether that’s the joke, documentary director Zak Knutson’s first narrative feature “Supercon” is a poor stab at Christopher Guest-style ensemble antics combined with a rote heist plot. The Comic Con-esque setting ought to be a rich target for satire, but life is full of missed opportunities, and this turns out to be one of them. Not to be confused with the concurrent “Supertroopers 2” — though one suspects theater owners would love it if you did — this film will no doubt pass quickly through hardtops, doing somewhat better in a home-formats launch that also commences April 27.A former child star on an ’80s TV show, Keith Mahar (Russell Peters) is now a disillusioned adult, and makes a bare living reluctantly attending fan conventions. (Why he hasn’t tried finding another career is a question never raised here.) He probably wouldn’t enjoy the job even if it didn’t involve the torment of regular exposure to vainglorious Adam King (Clancy Brown), who was “Tex Johnson, U.S. Marshall” to Keith’s doughy juvenile sidekick “Hadji” on the show, and who’s just as noxious now as he was then. Nor is it a pleasure dealing with Gil (Mike Epps), the money-grubbing organizer of these touring events.

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