Watch Summer ’03 (2018) Movie Online Free

Summer 03Summer ’03 (2018)


Director : Becca Gleason

Stars : Joey King, Andrea Savage, Erin Darke

IMDB Rating : 6.7

Genre : comedy

Release Date : 28 sep 2018

Summer ’03 :- Watch Summer ’03 on,A 16-year-old girl and her extended family are left reeling after her calculating grandmother unveils an array of secrets on her deathbed.Summer ’03” (2018 release; 95 min.) brings the story of Jamie, a 15 or 16 yr. old high school student in Cincinnati, and her family. As the movie opens, after a voice -over with summer thoughts (“summer is a generic string of happy memories”), we find Jamie sitting by her grandma in the hospital. In her last moments, grandma divulges several family secrets to Jamie, and then to her dad. It leaves the family bewildered. Following grandma’s death, Jamie stops by a catholic church, where she meets Luke. He is about to be ordained into the priesthood later in the week, but the two hit it off immediately… At this point we are 10 min. into the movie but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you’ll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out


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