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Struck (2017)


Director: Aurora Fearnley

Stars : James Rastall, Maria Jose Bavio

IMDB Rating : 8.0

Genre : Short | Crime | Drama

Release Date : 15 June 2017

Struck :- Watch . Struck on, Disappointmentstruck and even rather boredomstruck are reasonable descriptions of my emotional state, having sat through this contrived, self-conscious and twee YA fantasy from director Todd Haynes.It is scripted by Brian Selznick from his own 2011 novel – the author who wrote The Invention Of Hugo Cabret, filmed as Hugo by Martin Scorsese. There are comparable themes: the delicate rapture that can miraculously emerge from apparently dusty old museum cabinets – the magical access to memory and the past, which speaks especially to the un-cynical mind of a child.Loveless review – eerie thriller of hypnotic, mysterious intensity from Leviathan direcBut Wonderstruck’s contrivances are gooey and its self-conscious elaborations and withheld mysteries, finally revealed in a narrative voiceover, demand an unearned awe at the supposed cosmic coincidences of essentially benevolent fate – and they incidentally rely heavily on the idea of a child suppressing a certain memory, with no very convincing reason for having done so.There are some nice moments in this film, of course – chiefly a wonderful sequence showing a kid from Minnesota getting off the bus in 1977 and experiencing the intimidating sights of New York for the first time and a lovely scene with the New York panorama-model in the Queens Museum, built for the 1964 World’s Fair. There’s also an amusing reference to Nosferatu. But fundamentally this is the sort of glib, sucrose fantasy that reminded me a little of David Fincher’s The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button or Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s similarly icky and self-admiring The Young And Prodigious TS Spivet.It is a double-stranded narrative, two stories in different historical times about hearing-impaired kids who are lonely, unhappy and who run away from home and head for the bright lights of New York in search of meanings and answers


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