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Star Wars DestroyerStar Wars: Destroyer (2017)


Director: Arya Moghaddam

Stars : Andrea Nelson, Ben Begley, Keith Cherry

Genre : Short | Action | Fantasy

IMDB Rating: 7.7

Release: 04 May 2017 (Usa)

Star Wars: Destroyer :- Watch Star Wars: Destroyer on, I tend to despise shorts because they’re all fluff and no story. This one provides both excellent CGI and a decent plot line, so stands considerably above the standard “University project”.The acting is fair… considering it consists entirely of two faces inside X wing cockpits (how much can one do with that?). The actors deliver as much as can be expected… one of them (the female) professional with some humor and the other an obvious humor / campy figure. Together they form a good mix that keeps the story lively.The directing and CGI are superb, with just the right element of adrenaline-rush without jump-the-shark schlock. It feels like a bonafide Star Wars film, which says a lot. For me to give any flick 8 stars is rare (much less a short), so congrats folks– you did a good job on this one!(Btw, LOVED the shot of the person in the city looking at the sky toward the plunging destroyer. What a shot!)

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