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Stage FrightStage Fright (2014)

Director: : Jerome Sable

Stars: Minnie Driver, Meat Loaf, Allie MacDonald

Genre: Comedy | Musical | Horror

IMDB Rating: 5.2

Release: 03 April 2014 (Usa)

Stage Fright :-Watch Stage Fright on,Horror musicals aren’t really that common although there are a few out there like Sweeney Todd and Repo! The Genetic Opera. However, now we have ourselves a musical slasher film taking place in a camp for performing arts. Sounds like an interesting spin on the subgenre and it is fun to watch although not a great horror comedy masterpieceGood: I like the concept of the slasher musical. The songs here are catchy and fun to watch. I especially got a good laugh at how the killer was dealing out these metal riffs while the campers are frolicking with glee. I liked Allie MacDonald as the final girl. The movie focused more on the musical aspect than the slashing, but it was entertaining to watch almost making it as just a straight up comedy. The body count is low, but the kills were decent.Bad: However, the lack of focus on the slasher aspect killed its momentum when they pack it all in in the last twenty minutes. It’s almost like the director was having so much fun with the musical comedy parts that he forgot that there was a killer in the movie and he crammed in all of the plot in a small space of time. It felt rushed do to that and so little in the way of a real story. The rest of the characters are really just faces who sing every once in a while and have barely any personality. Also, the ending twist is really predictable.Overall, I’m kind of torn. I enjoyed the musical parts, but thought that the movie needed to focus on the slasher aspect more as well. The killer is cool and the songs are decent, but it lacks any real staying power for the concept that it brings to the table.
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