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The SpiritualistThe Spiritualist (2016)

Director: Carl Medland

Stars: Jane Merrow, Julie T. Wallace, Ian Reddington

Genre: Horror

IMDB Rating: 4.7

Release:27 sep 2016 (Usa)

The Spiritualist :-Watch The Spiritualist on,The spiritualist begins powerfully with some prowling shots of a very striking Gothic location and kicks off a plot about a strange but real illness. Top notch acting from Ian Reddington and Jasmyn Banks and a whiff of “The innocents” as they discuss her mother’s condition as a figure stands on the balcony behind them. As the daughter reacts to events in the house and other cast members gather, you aren’t quite sure where things are going, but a truly creepy seance scene gets the chills going again. There are some really nice back story touches here that raise some real and intelligent scares. The last third of the film is then hell for leather to a twist ending I hadn’t seen coming. It’s rare to find a horror film these days that makes you think and it’s nice to see a terror film that isn’t about teens being waylaid by inbred hillbillies on a country road . Julie T Wallace is good too and makes her presence felt throughout.Please read this review before committing your valuable time to this failure of a movie. The only conclusion I can draw is the positive reviews (some of which are absolutely *glowinug*) are “canned” reviews by people in the movie. My wife and I sat down to watch this, with fairly high hopes, and as time passed……and we watched our lives cut shorter and shorter with each passing second wasted on this dog of a movie, we became very frustrated. There isn’t even a cogent story line to follow. What’s it about? Shouldn’t you have a general idea within the first 20 minutes of the movie? But you don’t. The scenery is interesting. It was shot in an old house. If you n.
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