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A Special LadyA Special Lady (2017)


Director: An-kyu Lee

Stars : Hye-su Kim, Sun-Kyun Lee, Hee-joon Lee

Genre : Action | Crime

IMDB Rating: 7.6

Release: 9 Nov 2017 (Usa)

A Special Lady :- Watch A Special Lady on, Kim plays Hyun-jung, the number two in her crime organization who harbors a wish to retire from the life of crime and reunite with her son, whose existence is a secret to her colleagues. When the power structure at the top of the gang begins to crack, her hot-headed underling and a prosecutor she’s been manipulating attempt to take her down through her secret family ties.Compelling women-led action films or thrillers are no longer a rarity in Korean cinema but this half-baked effort is two steps back rather than one forward. A Special Lady opens with a figure monitoring several screens in a hotel, before cutting to a shot that swoops down over a bath of naked woman before settling on a buxom Russian prostitute. Thus begins a sequence in which several men are being entrapped in the hotel’s rooms, which is replete with women’s nude and oiled-up behinds. It goes on much longer than it needs to as it lingers on these faceless women.Even though Kim has played several similar roles to this and seems fairly at ease as Hyun-jung, she can’t rise above the material she’s given. Her shock of blonde combover wig and flashy costumes, which seem as they were picked from a Blade Runner-themed runway show, do her no favors, as they only reinforce the artificial nature of the production.

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